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A new addition to the family brings endless joy and happiness into your lives. Children grow up so quickly—why not take the time to capture these early moments in their lives? Here at Holly Heine Photography, we help you create beautiful images that will showcase the beauty of your newborn babies. We are delighted to be a top provider of newborn photography in Orange County, CA.

During your newborn baby photos session, we work hard to make sure that you and your baby are as comfortable as possible throughout the process. We advise that your session take place when your child is 5 to 10 days old. This is the ideal time to photograph a baby, since they are still very flexible, spend most of their time sleeping, and will stay in poses that are similar to when they are in the womb. The typical baby photographs you see with baskets and the like are usually taken during this time in their lives.

If you are not able to schedule a session during the first 10 days of your child’s life, don’t worry! Our experienced team is still able to deliver beautiful baby portraits of your child in many different poses. You will have access to our full collection of settings and props that will help create lovely baby pictures.

Your session should last approximately four hours, allowing time for you to feed and change your baby, if necessary. Feel free to sit back and relax as we work our magic with your baby—it’s a great time to catch up on those emails or texts, or read a book. Of course, many of our clients enjoy watching the process, which is absolutely fine as well! Reach out to us today to learn more about our baby photos.

We would be honored to be chosen as your family’s newborn baby photographer.

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